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We combine our experience and methods gained from working across both enterprises, government and start-ups, to deliver successful innovations that create tangible results. We don’t just talk about it; we’ve done it.

Innovation for enterprise

Innovation is not just about having good ideas. It’s about data, customer experience, problems worth solving and, solutions worth doing. Innovation is about finding and exploring those problems, then incubating and executing to deliver real benefits and lasting change.

Data driven innovation

Every organisation has data. In isolation, it tells only part of the story. Using data to deepen knowledge, create insights, test hypotheses and informs actionable outcomes, is the difference between having data and, transforming into becoming a data driven organisation.

We build innovative startups

As founders of successful startups in the US, Europe and Australia, we know how to make things happen beyond the business plan. Be it capital raising, marketing, architecture, customer experience, UX, or technical delivery, we’ve done it before.

Why we do it

We believe that any organisation, big or small, can innovate. We know that every business, product, service has the potential for disruption and, to be disrupted. So we apply what know to lead innovation, embrace disruption and transform businesses:

  • We know that data, in all its forms, is immensely powerful.
  • We know that building long lasting and deep relationships with your customers is led by a customer’s experience.
  • We know that every organisation has the opportunity to evolve.

What we do

Using our own IP, that has been developed across decades of combined experience, we deliver bespoke engagements that address the unique situation of every client.

Common themes of these engagements are:

  • Devising enterprise innovation strategies for transformation programs
  • Establishing and operating in-house Innovation Garages that achieve tangible results
  • Inculcating human-centred design and customer experience methodologies
  • Formulating data strategies, and designing internal teams to create data-driven organisations
  • Leading digital transformation and innovation programs
  • Creating data-driven innovation strategies and executing on insights and proven hypotheses to create market-ready products
  • Delivering enterprise mindset change programs, capability uplift workshops for innovative advantage to Boards, Executives, Leaders and teams
  • LeveragingLean Data Insights ™ to define innovation opportunities
  • Providing elite design and development for MVPs and in-market products and services
  • Constructing digital products and services
  • Designing and executing go to market strategies for new products and services
  • Advising on new technologies, such as blockchain, smart and sentient contracts, neural networks and artificial intelligence

Who we do it for

We engage with Board and Executive leaders of organisations who are seeking to transform and inform their organisations.

We also work with Investors, Boards and Founders of major startups seeking to grow rapidly, secure funding and achieve product-market fit.

How we do it

We Advise

We believe that the best advice is independent, open and honest.

We Incubate

We believe that new capabilities can be implemented rapidly through the use of customer-centric design and rapid iteration.

We Execute

We believe that agile isn’t limited to development teams, we know that working in a lean, rapid environment achieves results.

The full story
The short story

Who we’ve
worked with

Edgelabs have created a substantial portfolio of original intellectual property which has contributed to our role in seeding start-ups and innovation initiatives within enterprises that have delivered transformations in capabilities, culture and customer experiences.

Jetstar, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac, NAB, Me, MYOB, Computershare, Yammer, Victoria, Self Wealth, Nextgen Group, Salesforce, Sensis, CareConnect, Australia Post, Microsoft Dynamics, Suncorp, Xero, Metronode, Amazon Web Services

Our Team

Simon Spencer

Founder & CEO

Simon is a highly skilled Executive with global experience in strategy development, innovation and the delivery of transformation. Simon has led innovation, data science and analytics programs for major enterprises in the US, Australia, UK and Europe. He has also established a number of successful service and product startups.

Stuart Hudson

Founder & CTO

A highly experienced CTO and Chief Architect, Stuart has a deep background in large-scale data and disruptive technologies. He has established innovation programs and, led data driven and insights development teams in Europe, the US and Australia.

Jen Storey

Partner & CMO

Jen is a renowned CX, innovation, digital and marketing executive with experience across financial services, logistics, insurance, agribusiness, education and media in Australia and the US. She has been responsible for leading large digital transformation and innovation programs, strategy development and customer experience revolutions for large enterprises. She has also successfully founded several startups.

Adam Todhunter


Adam is a senior executive who has worked in, and consulted across public and private sectors. He has strong practical implementation knowledge and experience. Adam has a unique capability to bridge the traditional gap between IT and the business. His significant people management and financial analysis skills, enable him to communicate complex concepts to any audience.

Greg Collier


Greg is an experienced people leader, business manager, executive coach, facilitator and consultant with a passion for unleashing the potential of people and cascading that culturally through organisations and communities. His extensive career has included working throughout Australia and internationally in Dubai, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, The Philippines and Fiji.

Dom Collins

Senior Associate

With experience working in financial services, banking, insurance and financial inclusion, Dom works across innovation exploration, data analysis, commercial strategy, risk and compliance assessment. His career has spanned both major ASX listed organisations and not-for-profits.

Ash Fanning

Product Experience Lead

Ash is a UX and experience expert with a career that spans across retail, financial services, hospitality, government and pharmaceuticals. She has designed and delivered many digital and mobile innovations in Australia and the US.

Alastair Pryor

Senior Associate - Innovation

Former Victorian Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Alastair has a wealth of real-world experience gained from founding and running startups. He has expert knowledge in taking ideas from concept through to reality. He is experienced in innovation, marketing, social entrepreneurship, growth strategies and business execution.

Meet them all
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The ‘sweet spot’ for problems worth solving

by Jen Storey

It's often been stated that the only thing that matters for a startup, or new product category, is attaining product-market fit.

This is absolutely true.

However, attaining product market fit is achieved by delivering the right solution to a high-value customer pain or gain, at the right time, in a repeatable and scalable manner.

What this means for a startup, or an enterprise pursuing a new product category, is that the right pain or gain needs to be targeted. This has been referred to as the 'sweet spot' for problems worth solving and we like to think about determining this 'sweet spot' through the importance of a customers Jobs to be Done as well as their satifaction with existing solutions.

Not all problems are worth solving.

The purpose of a startup or new product category is to find and uniquely solve a high-value, underserved problem for a large group of paying customers.

This of course requires further exploration and explanation, so I wrote about this in some depth here in Startup Daily.

Innovation velocity and tolerance of temporary failure - key to entrepreneurship in enterprise

by Dominic Collins

I recently wrote about the introduction of the Chief Corporate Entrepreneur, a new executive role that would drive imagination, creativity, innovation and ultimately entrepreneurship across a large organisation.

This role would lead a group of strategically chosen internal entrepreneurs to drive new revenue streams, explore and validate new value propositions, customer segments and of course, new repeatable and scalable business models.

They and their counterparts would compliment the current executive office and corporate structure that exists to execute and optimise a series of value propositions and the associated existing business models they are attached to.

Having said that, the broader role of entrepreneurship within enterprise will exist primarily to accelerate innovation velocity, and leverage a tolerance for temporary failure to assist in new business model innovation and establishment. Innovation velocity and tolerance for temporary failure have little synergy with the execution of an existing business model and the activities associated with increasing efficiencies and maximising profit margins.

They therefore must be driven by entrepreneurship and not by traditional operational structures.

Read more about the role entrepreneurship will play within enterprise in this article on Startup Daily.

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